Thursday, 8 March 2012


I suffer from tinnitus because (a) I am old and (b) when I was young - 17 in fact - I had 20 rounds of .303 (this was a WW1 rifle) fired off in quick succession at the school rifle range, about 18 inches from my left ear. Ear defenders were not issued in those days, and I have wondered since if I might get anywhere by suing them. I doubt it, but perhaps the threat might staunch the steady flow of begging letters coming in my direction from that institution

The tinnitus is a nuisance because if I am wakeful at night it sounds like running water. It doesn't make me want to go to the loo, but it does make me want to get up and check that the roof isn't leaking.

No cures for tinnitus sufferers about, I'm afraid, but the condition is certainly a gold mine for the less ethical alternative medicine practitioners ( the more ethical ones being plain deluded)


  1. My other half has tinnitus for similar reasons to you - he even won a cup rather sinisterly entitled "for cadet shooting". His sounds like tweeting birds which he finds reasonably pleasant, he says.

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