Wednesday, 29 February 2012

On Idiotic Driving

This morning I left Wiltshire at about 8.00 a.m. to drive with my wife to London on the M4.

The light was actually quite good, and the roads dry. But there was a slight mist. As always, when there are the least visibility problems I switched on dipped headlights.

For a few miles between junctions 15 (Swindon West) and 14 (Hungerford) the mist became rather more dense, as the downs are fairly high up there.

I noticed that at least a third of the drivers coming up behind me had no lights on at all. I was driving at just under 70, and plenty of these lightless drivers overtook me.

I just wonder what is with these people. Do they think their batteries will go flat or something? It worries me, though, how such thoughtless driving habits might equate with others – if they are not worried about being seen in poor visibility, do they also not worry about bald or under-inflated tyres, defective brakes or non-functioning windscreen wipers?

Then I remember the wise words spoken to me many years ago “never fall into the trap of thinking you’re a better driver than the one in front of you. And always assume that the one behind you is a dangerous fool”.

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  1. Wise words indeed! But I agree. There are some drivers - especially those who overtake on blind corners or the brows of hills - who, statistically, should have killed themselves (and anyone they happen to meet) ages ago.