Thursday, 4 April 2013

Hitting Back at this WEATHER!

At least when the sun shone it was just about bearable. But today is dull, drab, windy and so cold. It's not good being confined indoors. We dragged ourselves out to our local park in Chippenham - John Coles Park is attractive and has a number of quite unusual trees. We often meet and talk to dog owners and admire their pets. But today there were few enough of them about. Our favourite character is an elderly gentleman, always immaculately dressed, and his long haired dachsund 'Jim'. He told us the other day that Jim is 13. We guess that the elderly man probably lives on his own, and walking his dog in the park probably affords him the only contact with others than he gets. Dogs are a good talking point, indeed. We've never had one, believing that we aren't in a position to give a dog the care and attention that they deserve. And we're missing something, I know.

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